Ignition Problems? Get the Spark Back!

The ignition system of a vehicle can be one of the most frustrating vehicle systems to deal with. One of the things that make it so frustrating is that there are usually few noticeable warning signs of impending issues. The ignition system includes all of the components required to start and ignite the fuel in your engine. These items include the battery, starting system, alternator, ignition coils and spark plugs.

Some signs that problems may be developing with your ignition system include slow starting, hesitation at low-speeds or while idling for long periods, and engine stalling at idle. If left unchecked, these small signs can develop into full-blown issues, such as failure to start, loss of power, or engine shut down at speed.

It is important to perform regular checks and maintenance on the ignition system including testing of the battery, cleaning of the battery terminals, and scheduled replacement of sparkplugs, ignition wires, and ignition coils. For expert care and service in keeping your vehicle's ignition system in top shape, visit our service center here at New South Ford in Meridian, MS. Their expert technicians will inspect your vehicle and keep it going strong.

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