Selecting the Right Motor Oil Viscosity for Your Car

Whenever you're getting your oil changed or simply browsing through the motor oil options available, you may wonder what engine oil viscosity means and how to make the right choice for your car. The letters and numbers on the front of motor oil packaging, such as 10W-40, indicate the viscosity rating.

Viscosity measures the amount of resistance the oil has to flowing quickly, and it can vary depending on temperature. In fact, the two numbers separated by the W indicate the viscosity measurements in cold and high temperatures, respectively; the "W" stands for "Winter." Lower viscosity is important for good performance in the cold, while higher viscosity helps to protect your engine when it's running hot.

Our knowledgeable technicians at New South Ford in Meridian can advise you about finding just the right motor oil for your vehicle. Our oil service and other maintenance options help to keep your car running great in any temperature.

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