Explore the Ford Expedition

What features do you look for when buying a new SUV? Our team would like to introduce the 2018 Ford Expedition. This popular full-size SUV has many features that help it meet the performance needs you require.

With the 3.5L EcoBoost engine standard on all models of the Expedition, you have the power you come to expect in a full-sized SUV. Not only is it the most powerful engine used in the Expedition to date, it uses the latest in technology as well.

The twin air-to-air turbochargers allows you to draw upon the power you need when you need it. The direct injection feature also builds on this by optimizing the fuel to give you the most power for every drop of fuel.

Come take a test drive with our team at New South Ford in Meridian, MS. We can answer your questions on the many features, and you can see for yourself why it’s a popular SUV.

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