The Ford EcoSport Has Tactical Hotspot Features

Because the Ford EcoSport has a 4G LTE hotspot, everyone who rides in its cabin has access to many practical travel features. The best options are included with FordPass Connect; this is a convenient service that provides peace of mind.

When FordPass Connect is activated, you'll always know when you need to buy more fuel because the software constantly monitors the EcoSport's fuel level. While you're always from the vehicle, you could use FordPass Connect to unlock the doors remotely. The system also has a remote option that starts the engine from a distance. However, the most useful feature focuses on maintenance. FordPass Connect can help you schedule maintenance or get Roadside Assistance.

FordPass Connect is just one of the technologies that make the Ford EcoSport an appealing automobile. This vehicle also has great travel solutions, entertainment options, and hardware that boosts safety. You can examine these technologies at New South Ford in Meridian, MS before taking a test drive.

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