Take a quick look under your hood and you'll likely see plenty of dirt and grime. If you want the engine bay to look as good as the outside of your vehicle, the process isn't difficult. At New South Ford, we want to make car ownership as easy as possible. Here's an efficient way to keep your engine bay looking good.

Do the work on a warm day. Make sure the engine is cool. Remove the battery from the bay, along with any plastic covers. Cover electronics with plastic. Spray the entire bay with a degreaser. Use a synthetic brush to scrub away any built-up grime. Then, use a garden hose to clear away the degreaser.

Let the interior of the engine bay dry out. Remove the protective plastic and reinstall the plastic covers and battery. Do this every year or two to keep it looking good. Have your car care handled at the dealership in Meridian, MS.

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